Why do women hire a gigolo or male escort?

The big question - Why do women hire gigolo and pay for sex when they can get it for free from friends or acquaintances?

Well, the answers lies here!

Yes, not only men, women too have needs. Do you think it’s wrong for a  woman to engage the services of a gigolo?  It sure flies in the face of  conventional thinking. If you think women hire male escorts only for  sex, you are wrong. Most of the women doesn't even orgasm at every  meeting. Its more about time together and that passion.

Below are the reasons for the big why:

 1. Most of the cases in which women hire Gigolos are when their  husbands are more interested in money making than love making. Wives of  rich men approach gigolos because most of the times, their husbands are  busy in money making and dont get chance to understand their wives'  needs or problems. When these women become desperate foe sex, they cant  find any partner among their friends or relatives because of security  issues. Gigolos are bounds to one rule, "Never reveal clients'  information". This makes women more comfortable in hiring a gigolo.

2. Rich women, basically who travel to places on their business  purposes, stay away from home most of their times. They need some  relaxation whenever they are stressed out. So they hire a gigolo in that  case.

3. Another reason for women to hire a gigolo is - Most of the men, who  work abroad and come home only once or twice in months, wives of such  men, they lack their husbands manliness. They will be alone for long  time. When they get desperate, they hire a gigolo. It is the best and  safest way to relax themselves. They do not have to get into illicit  relations with neighbors or relatives, which may turn out to be a threat  for their married lives. So they hire a gigolo where they feel no  strings attached.

4. Many divorcees and widows also hire gigolos due to the same reason.

5. Some times, gigolos are also hired by couples! Sounds crazy? But its  true. Some men like to see their wife sleep with other men. Some have  fantasies like threesome etc. Some men think that they are not potential  enough to satisfy their wives and in order to keep their marriage  relation, they hire a gigolo. Some hire to learn from gigolo and rise  their spirits.

6. Some women have fantasies like Anal, Oral which their husbands never  allow them to do. In order to fulfill their fantasies, they hire  gigolos. You pay for sex, you do it your way!

7. One interesting reason although rare - Women also hire male escorts  when their husband or boy friend cheats on them. When the woman finds  out that he is sleeping with some other female, she wants to take  revenge. If she cant trust any of her colleagues or friends, she ends up  hiring a gigolo to take that revenge.

8. Few women, who don't have a boyfriend or husband, and still a virgin,  also hires gigolo to loose their virginity. Sounds unrealistic? Well,  there were clients like this too. When all her friends are in  relationships and enjoying their sex lives, with no other alternative  left, she hires a gigolo. This is 21st century and sex has become a need  now a days rather than recreation.

9. Sex also helps in reducing weight. Women who want to loose weight, unable to follow dieting steps, ends up hiring a gigolo.